Credit policy - undergraduate courses

What is credit for prior studies?

Where a student is assessed to have completed the equivalent of a unit at other tertiary institution prior to enrolment, they may receive credit for that unit and their new Monash course requirements may be correspondingly reduced.

See also: Monash University Credit Policy

What is it for?

Students who have transferred either internally or externally into a course managed by the Faculty of Law.

Note: Applicants who have satisfactorily completed the equivalent of at least one year of full-time study in another faculty at Monash (internal transfers) or another approved university (external transfers) may be able to enter the first year of law and be eligible for up to 36 credit points of credit, which means they will be able to complete the Bachelor of laws in just three years of full-time study (or part-time equivalent) instead of four years.


The Monash University credit Policy provides that credit transfer may be granted for units passed in a university or accredited course offered by a Registered Training Organisation, subject to an assessment of equivalence: Credit transfer is assessed on the basis of learning content in terms of the curriculum, depth of study and credit point value of previous unit of learning.

How is it credited towards your Monash degree?

Credit may be applied for, once the student is enrolled in the course. Credit for law units taken elsewhere may be granted either as specified credit for a particular Monash law unit, or unspecified credit (6 or 12 credit points) for a law elective. A minimum of 96 credit points of law units must be undertaken in your Monash degree.

Application process

Applications must submitted using the online Credit for Previous Study application form with relevant supporting documentation.

Note: The grant of credit for studies undertaken at other institutions by an enrolled Monash Law student is dealt within the Faculty's complementary studies enrolment procedures.