Industry Seminars

Monash Law's Industry Seminars help connect you as a law student with a variety of industries. These highly regarded seminars include a range of events where you can engage with an array of professionals.

These initiatives are a great opportunity for you to find out about the different career paths a law degree can take you and allows you to network with today's industry leaders.

The industries and careers you will be exposed to during these seminars are in the traditional realm of law, whereby you utilise your law degree as a lawyer in careers such as: commercial law, in-house counsel, barrister, community law, NewLaw and more. Additionally, you will hear from industry professionals with law degrees who are working in non-legal professions, such as: business analyst, communications, journalist, public servant, speech writer, consultant and more.

As you can see we offer a range of industry seminars throughout the year, please see below two of our marquee series for the year: