ZICOlaw Internship

 Country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
 Dates: End June to end July (after exam period)
 Number of places: Maximum of one student per year
 Applications due: End of second week of March each year

Company profile

ZICOlaw are Malaysia's largest law firm with offices located in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.  Their expertise and commitment to goals has led them to be a multiple recipient of the “Malaysian Law Firm of the Year” award from the International Financial Law Review.

More about ZICOlaw

Monash Law eligibility criteria

  • be enrolled in the Bachelor of Laws (or any Bachelor of Laws double degree) or Postgraduate coursework degree in the Faculty of Law at Monash University and have at least one unit of their law degree to complete at the end of the internship program;
  • at the time of the internship have completed at least one full time equivalent year of law (48 credit points)
  • have the ability to complete the internship without compromising law studies or examination periods.
  • be available on return to commit to marketing and promotional activities, including future use of profiles and reports in marketing material.

Application process

Applications must be submitted by the end of the second week of March.

  • Complete the Faculty of Law ZICOlaw application google form
  • Supporting documents to be submitted via law-international@monash.edu:
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Statement of results (download from WES)
    • A personal statement of no more than one page typed (minimum size ariel font x10 point) showing a proven interest in the work and mission of ZICOlaw.
  • Short listed applicants will be sent to ZICOlaw by 30 April.
  • The chosen applicant will be confirmed by ZICOlaw by the end of May.
  • The successful applicant will be contacted directly via phone and/or email by the International Programs Officer
  • All unsuccessful applicants will be notified via phone and/or email by the International Programs Officer
  • The successful candidate will be provided with the contact details of the appropriate person at ZICOlaw and they will be required to liaise directly with the organisation in order to determine start and finish dates which must equate to a minimum of four weeks end of June to end of July (after exam period).
  • The successful candidate will then register for complimentary travel insurance through MAP (Monash Abroad Portal).

Contact information

If you would like further information about this internship please contact:

Fleur Morgan
Senior Student Programs Officer (International & Internships)

Email: law-international@monash.edu

Phone: +61 3 9905 3024