India Immersion Programme: An Introduction to Law, Business and Society in India

2020 - India Immersion Programme: An Introduction to Law, Business and Society in India

An initiative financially supported by the New Columbo Plan in partnership with Murdoch University and Monash University

Location: O.P. Jindal Global University, India

Date: Wednesday 8 January - Sunday 26 January 2020


The India Immersion Programme will allow students to participate in seminars, lectures and field visits with leading academics and professionals from a variety of industries. The course provides its participants with an introduction to India’s diverse regulatory, business and social impact landscape. The Programme is a valuable experience for Australian University Students studying Law, Business and/or Arts.

Throughout the course of the programme, students will have the opportunity to interact with leading experts such as:

  • Senior Executives from Corporate firms in India, including on-site visits;
  • Partners from top tier law firms;
  • Distinguished academics from Indian institutions from a variety of disciplines;
  • Entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs; and
  • Australian diplomats and Government officials.

In addition to seminars with this leading experts, participants will take part in activities such as:

  • On site visit to Jindal Steel and Power Limited facilities;
  • Tour of Rashtrapati Bhawan (Office of the President of India, New Delhi);
  • Trip to the Taj Mahal (Agra);
  • Tour of the Supreme Court of India;
  • Activity at the Australian High Commission, New Delhi;
  • Various networking events and opportunities to interact with practitioners, academics and students;
  • On site activities with local social entrepreneurs and NGOs; and
  • Participation in Indian Republic Day celebration.

Promotional Video

Promotional Brochure

Are you an Arts/Global Studies student? and interested in going to Jindal in January, please see this brochure for the India Immersion Program: An Introduction to Politics, Society and Foreign Policy program which runs at the same time. The NCP funding is available for this program as well. Please contact me if you are interested and we can follow up with Arts re your eligibility to participate.

Timeframe and Application process:

Applications have now CLOSED for 2020.

Apply direct via the Monash Abroad Portal (MAP)

All applications are governed by a ranking system and students must have a minimum Law WAM of 60% at time of application. Please also make sure that you have checked your eligibility to apply for a Law Study Abroad Elective unit before applying.

Students will be notified by Friday 20 September 2019 of the outcome of their application and then enrolled in the unit attached to this program.

Program Cost

For the students not funded by NCP, the total fee payable for the India Immersion Programme is AUD 2,000. This course fee includes the admission fee, accommodation for the duration of the programme, meals during programme activities as well as domestic transport and transit for official programme activities.

Students are responsible for airfares and other incidental costs for this program.

2020 New Columbo Plan Grant

20 x AUD $3,000 New Columbo Plan grants are available for eligible undergraduate students, this will cover the $2,000 program cost and leave students with a $1000 payment. To check your eligibility for an NCP grant please refer to the Monash Abroad webpage.

Once all grants have been allocated, students may take part in the program at their own cost.

Monash Abroad Travel Grant:

Monash students enrolled in this program will be assessed by Monash Abroad to receive a $500 Monash Abroad Travel Grant and complimentary travel insurance for the program.


  • Students may apply for an OS-Help Loan if accepted into the unit, subject to the eligibility requirements for OS-Help Loans.
  • OS-HELP Loan applications for this program must be submitted to Monash Abroad by 15 September 2019.
  • Your application will be formally assessed after you have been accepted into the program by the Faculty and your MAP status updated to show this.

Please check your eligibility to apply for this program

Monash Faculty of Law Student eligibility criteria for mobility programs:

  • be enrolled in the Bachelor of Laws (or any Bachelor of Laws double degree) in the Faculty of Law at Monash University and have at least one unit of their law degree to complete at the end of the program
  • at the time of application students enrolled in LLB programs must have completed at least one full-time equivalent year of law (LLB: 48 credit points) and have achieved a minimum credit (60%) average across Law units.
  • have the ability to complete the program without compromising law studies or examination periods.
  • be available on return to commit to marketing and promotional activities, including future use of profiles and reports in marketing material.