Undergraduate Law Elective List 2024

Undergraduate Law - Elective List - 2024

This page lists the anticipated law electives available to students in the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) or associated double degrees. If you would like to focus your studies on a particular area of Law, you can use the 2024 Undergraduate Law Elective Guide. Please note this is just a guide to assist you with unit selection.

Students are expected to attend and participate in at least 80% of classes in law units.

Note: This page must be manually updated which means it will not always be directly in sync with the handbook if there are changes to the unit offerings throughout the year. Please refer to the current academic year handbook for the most up to date information regarding unit offerings.

Summer A - November and December 2023

Summer B - January and February 2024

LAW4306 Sentencing and sanctions

LAW4546 Fintech and the Law

Semester 1 - March - June 2024

Winter - June and July 2024

Semester 2 - July - October 2024

Version date: 06/12/2023