Courses and entry requirements

Masters courses and entry requirements for law graduates and non-law graduates

Note: These programs allow you to extend and specialise your knowledge about law but do not qualify you to practice law. If you are looking for a Masters entry to practice law please see our Master of Laws (Juris Doctor) program.

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Master courses
Director LLM: Professor Moira Paterson 
L6004 Master of Laws
L6001 Master of Commercial Law
L6002 Master of Human Rights Law
L6003 Master of Intellectual Property and Communications Law
L6006 Master of Government Law and Regulatory Practice
L6007 Master of Workplace and Employment Law
L6011 Master of Dispute Resolution
L6012 Master of Law and International Development
Graduate Diploma courses
Director LLM: Professor Moira Paterson
L5001 Graduate Diploma in Law

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