Monash Law Masters courses

We are delighted to present our new master programs. In consultation with industry, we have built on the strengths of our existing programs and now offer a revitalised LLM with some new specialisations.

We have also introduced a number of new master specialisations available to both law and non-law graduates.

For law graduates

The Monash LLM is ideal for law graduates seeking in-depth knowledge of a particular legal area, or for those wanting to advance their professional expertise in a current area of practice.

With this course, you will gain advanced professional skills and knowledge of law developments, practice and scholarship of one or more areas of law.This course now offers nine specialisations:

For law graduates and non-law graduates

We have a range of masters programs suitable for those from a non-law background. These courses provide you with an opportunity to obtain a specialist qualification in a particular area of the law and provides a springboard from which to launch your career.

We are also introducing new specalisations open to both law and non-law graduates that compliment our existing programs.

These include: