Single unit study

Single units

Single units are an alternative to completing an entire postgraduate degree and are open to graduates of any discipline who wish to:

  • gain an understanding of a particular area of law
  • build on existing legal knowledge
  • gauge their interest in a specific legal area with a view to pursuing further study
  • experience current, real life challenges faced by legal professionals
  • gain practical and transferable skills that can be used across a range of professions

Single units are taken outside an award course. That is, you are not enrolled in a degree program and will not receive an award at the completion of study. A maximum of four units can be taken per semester and a maximum of three units per trimester.

Assessed single unit (0164)
This is an assessed single unit study for any unit offered which require assessments and may be credited to your master's degree if you decide to apply for one in the future.

Non-assessed single unit (3398)
This is an option to broaden your knowledge in an area of law. Applicants who complete a non-assessed unit will be given a certificate of completion.
This unit type only applies to Juris Doctor and Master's electives. Compulsory Juris Doctor units are not able to be undertaken as non-assessed single units.

Cross-institutional enrolment (0147)
All units offered can be undertaken as cross-institutional enrolment. This allows students enrolled in a course at another university to complete a Monash Law unit and have it credited towards their course at their home institution. Cross-institutional enrolment is subject to the approval of both the home institution and Monash Law School. A letter of approval from the home institution must be submitted with the application.

Malaysian Bar - Single unit
This exclusive collaboration between Bar Council Malaysia and Monash Law School is created to provide members of the Malaysian Bar with meaningful opportunities for professional growth and development.

What single units can I take?

Monash Law School offers a wide range of single units from the following specialised areas; legal practice, commercial law, human rights law, intellectual property and communications law, workplace and employment law, international development, dispute resolution, government law and regulatory practice and regulatory studies.

View a list of our current postgraduate single unit courses:

  • Please refer to postgraduate timetable to find the units offerings and their commencement dates, see 'Masters, JD electives, Graduate Diplomas and Single Unit enrolments timetable'.
  • Applicants with an overseas legal qualification who wish to be admitted to practice Law in Australia should have their qualifications assessed by Victorian Legal Admission Board (VLAB), as to whether or not your existing academic qualifications and practical legal training are sufficient to be admitted to the legal profession in Victoria. For more information see: Admission to practise law in Australia for qualified overseas practitioners. The prescribed areas of study required by VLAB are offered at Monash University as single subjects which meet the 'Priestley 11' law units. These units are taught as part of the Juris Doctor course. The Juris Doctor program has three trimesters per a year and maximum of three units can be undertaken per trimester. Please refer to postgraduate timetable to find the units offerings and their commencement dates, see 'Monash Juris Doctor class timetable'.

Note: research units such as LAW5082 Masters research and LAW5084 and LAW5083 Minor thesis units are not available as single unit enrolments.


Single units are offered on a full-fee basis. Students can complete units with or without assessment(s).

Students who complete assessment may seek credit for that unit towards a law graduate diploma or master's degree.

Domestic student fees for 2018:

single unit (assessed) $3,838
single unit (non-assessed) $2,936

International student fees for 2018:

single unit (assessed) $5,175
single unit (Malaysian Bar members) $4,140
single unit (assessed) seeking VLAB accreditation $3,375 


You will need to submit your application online approximately one month before the relevant unit begins to ensure a place.  

Documents to submit:

  • an original certified copy of your citizenship status (original certified copy of your passport/birth certificate)
  • an original certified copy of your academic transcripts and evidence of completion of your degree
  • a CV
  • an evidence of Australian residency and visa subclass number (for international students undertaking single units)
  • an original or original certified copy of the VLAB assessment letter (if you would like to study Juris Doctor compulsory units in order to gain a registration)
  • an original or original certified copy of cross-institutional unit approval letter from your home institution (if you are applying as a cross-institutional applicant)
  • Malaysian Bar certificate of membership (if you are applying under the Malaysian Bar program)

Email the copies of the required documents listed below to and post or bring the original certified copies to:

Monash University Law Chambers
Level 1, 555 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000