Masters specialisations

Monash Law School offers a number of specialist Masters courses as part of our postgraduate program, allowing you to advance your professional expertise in a chosen legal area.

Our postgraduate specialisations, available units and entry requirements include:

Other postgraduate areas of study

Law covers a diverse range of fields and students taking Master of Laws and Graduate Diploma in Law have the opportunity to tailor their courses to reflect their own individual  areas of interest, including law and government, dispute resolution, international and comparative law and media and communications laws.

Law and Government embraces a suite of units relevant  to middle and senior management in local government and  the public sector more generally. These include units relating to government and administration, local government law, regulation and compliance, privacy and FOI, planning and  environmental law, and domestic human rights obligations.

The field of International and comparative law provides  what lawyers increasingly need - advanced knowledge across a broad spectrum of global issues, from human rights law, criminal law and commercial law to EU and Chinese law.

Dispute resolution is integral to the work of practising lawyers and non-lawyers working in the growing field of alternative dispute resolution. Our program includes units on negotiation, mediation, arbitration, collaborative practice and advocacy.

Media and communications laws is an area of practice that is subject to constant change due to the impact of technological developments. We provide a diverse range of units covering the fields of intellectual property, defamation, privacy and FOI, freedom of expression, law of the Internet and entertainment law.

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