Student stories

Image of Andrew Collett

Andrew Collett
LLM (Commercial Law)

“I currently work as In-house Counsel for a large Australian owned company and hold directorships with a number of organisations. I chose Monash Law School for my postgraduate studies because it allowed me to tailor my study to compliment my professional focus and enhance my knowledge in areas of particular interest. Monash also appealed to me because of its prominent international reputation, the quality of the lecturers, the variety of subjects offered and the convenient location of Monash Law Chambers.I have found undertaking postgraduate studies at Monash challenging, rewarding and satisfying. I recommend that anyone considering postgraduate studies make Monash their number one preference.”

Bridget Osho
LLM (Human Rights)
Current international student, Sierra Leone

“As one of the recipients of the Australian Government Awards for Africa I had the choice of studying at any Australian University. I chose to study at Monash University because of its reputation as being ranked as one of the best in the country. It also offered the degree that is perfectly suited to my career goals with a learning flexibility to study subjects outside of my specialization course. This is my favourite part of studying at Monash University because I get to study other interesting areas of law which are not only related to my specialization course of Human rights law but are important as they are intrinsically linked. Classes at Monash University are very interactive and students’ ideas are taken very seriously. This has built up my public speaking confidence which will be an invaluable tool for my chosen career path as a human rights lawyer and advocate.”

Cheng Vuong
Graduate Diploma in Law

“In completing my Bachelor of Laws at Monash University, I came to develop a strong interest in Intellectual Property (IP) law. This led me to pursue further study in a postgraduate law course with an IP law focus. I chose to continue studying at Monash Law School because of its growing reputation for excellence in legal education, the diverse range of units offered, and the fact that many of the units are taught by academics that are considered experts in their chosen field. My time so far studying postgraduate law at Monash Law School has been challenging but rewarding at the same time. I look forward to using the enhanced knowledge I will gain from studying postgraduate law to pursue a career in IP or commercial law.”

Trent John  O'Hara 
Master of Workplace and Employment Law

“The timetable and study options at Monash are very flexible. Monash allows me to study while still working full-time and managing family life with two small children. Monash University makes it very easy to blend study with everyday life. I took on the challenge of a Masters to improve my understanding of the Law principles that I deal with in my current role in the Health & Safety field. In becoming a Monash Post-Grad Rep with the Monash Post-Grad Association (MPA) I have also been able to contribute to meetings and share my experiences and knowledge with the wider University departments which has been great.”

Lina Hoyos
Master of Commercial Law

"Before starting my studies in Monash, I was living in Colombia where I was working for Deloitte as a senior consultant in the tax and legal division and for Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana as a tutor in civil law. I decided I wanted to study a masters outside my home country and I wanted to enhance my knowledge of commercial law with emphasis in the international area. I chose Monash because of its prestige as one of the most important universities in Australia, and particularly as a leading institution in the legal field. Whilst at Monash Law School I joined the Law Student Society and Monash Postgraduate Association which have been a great way to keep myself informed of academic and social events. The Master of Laws is a degree that can take you wherever you want. What you need is an open mind to any new knowledge and opportunities, and to make the most out of them."