Career outcomes

A Monash law degree prepares you to practise as a barrister or solicitor, provide advice as in-house counsel to an organisation, or to pursue a career in international relations, politics, business management or social justice advocacy. Find out more about the many career options available to Law graduates, download the One Law Degree, Many Opportunities flyer (pdf, 161kb).Legal career paths

Law graduates typically work in national and international law firms, smaller city and suburban firms or legal practices in regional centres, large corporations as in-house legal counsel or the government sector.

A Monash law degree is so well regarded that your choices are quite extraordinary!

Our graduates can be found in the Office of Public Prosecution, Department of Justice, the Attorney-General's Department and the Victorian Solicitor-General's Office.

Non-legal career paths

With a Monash law degree, the possibilities for a career outside the legal industry are endless! Our graduates have found fulfilling careers in areas such as:

  • publishing, media, film and the arts
  • marketing and communications
  • government and politics
  • business management
  • science and engineering
  • environmental protection and development
  • project management
  • banking and finance
  • international organisations, such as the United Nations
  • non-government organisations such as the Red Cross and Amnesty International.

Monash Law opens doors to a range of careers