Single unit enrolments

Single units are taken outside an award course, i.e. you are not enrolled in a degree program and will not receive an award at the completion of study.

A maximum of four units can be taken per semester.

Single units are only offered on a full-fee basis. Please see the fees website.

Who can apply?

  • An overseas or interstate law graduate, or
  • A law graduate from a Victorian university, returning to complete units in order to practice in Victoria

How to apply?

A law graduate wishing to practice in Victoria

You may apply by completing the 'Single unit and Cross-institutional application form'.

An overseas law graduate wishing to practice in Victoria

  • Contact Victorian Legal Admissions Board for assessment of your qualifications. VLAB will supply you with a letter outlining the unit/s you need to enrol in. This letter must be supplied with your application.
  • You must also attach a certified copy of the front page and visa page of your passport with your application

To ensure quick processing of your application complete the application form accurately and attach all required documents.


Contact Monash Connect to obtain an official academic transcript.

NB If you are currently enrolled at another institution and wish to enrol in a Monash unit you need to apply for cross-institutional studies (not Single unit)

Full list of currently offered units visit the on-line University handbook.