What our students say

Image of Hasna Shiraz

Hasna Shiraz
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws student

"Studying Law at Monash has made me realise just how much I want to be a lawyer, and has proven that I didn’t make the wrong decision when having to choose a degree. It has helped me become more accepting because of the diverse people I’ve met, and has really opened my eyes to all the rights we truly have as citizens of Australia."

Bradley Montag

Bradley Montag
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws student

"One of my reasons for choosing a Monash law degree, was the excellent industry reputation and it came highly recommended by others I knew studying the degree. Studying law has helped me gain valuable general and law-specific skills. It has challenged my way of thinking and the way I approach problem-solving tasks.For students considering a law degree I believe doing a double degree is extremely beneficial, it broadens your education and your mind to potential career paths that you may not have thought of before."

Image of Jemima Roe

Jemima Roe  
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws student

"One of the best aspects of studying Monash Law is the supportive environment. Older students, younger students and faculty members all come together to play their part in helping you with your learning and development both in and out of the classroom. I’ve been a member of the Law Students’ Society every year of my degree and I cannot imagine what life would have been like without them! The LSS’ activities have benefited me academically, with the great legal skills competitions and peer tutorials, and also provided lots of fun through Law Ball and other social activities."

Image of David Bell

David Bell
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws student

"I enjoy the flexibility of the double-degree structure and it has allowed me to jump straight into studying law, whilst also being able pursue complementary interests in history and philosophy. I have developed skills in legal writing, research and analysis, and just generally grown in confidence. At Monash you are fortunate to be taught by some of the most respected academics in their field who are genuinely engaged in what they are teaching."