Assessment – the evolution of assessment methods at the University of Edinburgh Free Legal Advice Centre

The University of Edinburgh Free Legal Advice Centre was established in 2007 by and for postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice students. This vocational course bridges the academic, LLB with the vocational and highly practical legal traineeship.

Every Diploma student will, during the course of their postgraduate year, take on a client at the Centre – from interview to file closure.

In order to prepare students for the clinic, they all undergo training in essential skills: interviewing, drafting, negotiating, and so on. Our students are assessed. They are assessed as the clinic work forms an integral part of their Professional Skills and Responsibility course – a core Diploma course.

Over the past 10 years, the clinic has developed and introduced different methods of assessment to enhance the student experience, ensure good supervision and feedback and maintain excellent client service.

This presentation will explore the development of these assessment methods and invite dissemination of ideas and methods from the audience.