Developing standards for street law programmes

The presentation will be an interactive session in which participants will be divided into small groups and asked to develop standards for Street law programs which include requirements for: (a) the curriculum and lesson content; (b) the types of teachers and trainers required; (c) the teaching methods to be used; (d) the supervision methods to be used; (d) the types of law students that should participate; (e) the student assessment methods to be used; (f) the documentation and documentation techniques to be used; (g) the internal and external environments that are suitable; and (h) the methods of program evaluation to be used - including formative and summative evaluations, as well as independent impact evaluations. The results of the presentations by the participants will be compared with the Street law standards suggested at a conference of Eastern and Central European and Central Asian countries during the development of Street law program in these regions in 2001.

IJCLE Conference Presentatino [.ppt]