‘Proud to be part of clinic’: An exploration of teaching in clinic and its link to the well-being of law teachers

This paper proposes the notion that involvement in teaching students in live client clinics supports psychological well-being in teachers through the facilitation of personal values and through increasing the intrinsic motivation to teach.

This paper reports upon a project that describes and discusses the impact on Law Teachers of involvement in a live client clinic that requires students to undertake a reflection following the experience. We have interviewed clinic tutors at approximately 12 of these Law Schools where clinic is part of the curriculum.  The data gathered is being analysed through the lens of self-determination theory. This is a complex theory that seeks to understand human flourishing and includes, basic psychological need, values, and motivation. Using the work of Deci and Ryan (2000) and Sheldon and Krieger (2004. 2007. 2011, 2015) this paper explores the implications for Law Schools.  Our tentative conclusions will be presented for discussion.

IJCLE Conference Presentationl [.ppt]