UHK Clinic

This conference paper will be divided into three parts.

The paper will first of all discuss the background of professional and clinical legal education in Hong Kong.  It will highlight the differences between legal training in Hong Kong and other common law jurisdictions. The paper will then introduce the CLE Programme, its aims and achievements so far.  The paper will not only describe the setting up of this relatively new clinic, it will also discuss some of the challenges faced when the clinic was first set up.

The second part of the paper will outline the reasons why there are unmet legal needs in Hong Kong and discuss how the CLE Programme has helped to bridge this gap of social injustice in Hong Kong.  The authors plan to use this as the first step to generate research into this area in Hong Kong.

Lastly, the paper will discuss how the CLE Programme supports students by way of weekly workshops and discussion seminars.  Recently, a pioneer project is being carried out where “Standardised Clients” are used to train and prepare students for client interviews.  The paper will describe how the training works and the preliminary findings from this pioneer project.

IJCLE Presentation [.ppt]