LAW4328 LLB Professional Practice

LAW4328 Professional practice


In order to be eligible to apply for LAW4328 Professional practice, students must have:

  • An active enrolment in their degree program at Monash;
  • Successfully completed the prerequisite units according to the commencement year.
  • A valid working with children check (Volunteer) under the counsellor category.

Application and Enrolment

Students must read the unit information and the Onsite/Remote Clinic FAQs before applying.

  1. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria;
  2. **Complete the LAW4328 Application Form
  3. Successful applicants will be notified by email within 7 to 10 days of application closing date.
  4. Students will be enrolled into the unit by Student Services.

**Please note that the application form requires you to be logged into your Monash Student account in Gmail. If the form gives you an error message about not having permission, you need to log out of all Gmail accounts, then log into only your Monash Student account, before trying again.

Selection process

Places are subject to a quota.  In granting places, the following factors are taken into account (these factors are not set out in order of importance):

  • How close the student is to completing their degree. Preference is given to students who would be completing Professional Practice towards the end of their degree, and who have not yet completed another placement for example LAW4803, LAW4811 or LAW4330
  • How many hours of paid work the student is doing. If a student is doing more than 20 hours per week of paid work, then it normally they would not be accepted into the unit. Students may be contacted to discuss this further regarding flexibility.
  • How many other units would be taken with Professional Practice. If the student is doing more than two other units as well as Professional Practice, they would normally not be accepted into the unit.
  • If a student speaks languages other than English.
  • If a student has had relevant community sector experience.

The Convenor of Legal Practice Programs makes the ultimate decision of whether a student is offered a place in the program, subject to the above factors and his/her discretion.

Clinical Period Dates

Clinical Periods

Clinical period dates

Application opening and closing dates


Clinical Period 3 202213 Jun - 16 Sept

Opening: 28 March

Closing: 15 May

10 June
Clinical Period 4 20225 Sept - 9 Dec

Opening: 27 June

Closing: 16 August

2 September

Clinical Period 1 2022/2023

28 Nov 2022 - 24 Mar 2023

(summer break 19 Dec- 43Jan)

Opening: 26 September

Closing: 7  November

25  November
Clinical Period 2 202313 Mar - 23 Jun

Opening: 16 January

Closing: 20 February

10 March
Clinical Period 3 202312 Jun - 15 Sept

Opening: 27 March

Closing: 29 May

9 June
Clinical Period 4 20234 Sept - 8 Dec

Opening: 26 June

Closing: 21 August

1 September

Clinical units are subject to their own set of Discontinuation Dates. Students should check these before deciding to withdraw from a unit.


Undergraduate student services
Phone: 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274)

Jackie Weinberg
Director Clinical Units