What to expect as a client

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Final year Monash Law students enrolled in the unit Professional Practice interview Legal Service clients and provide legal advice under the close supervision of an experienced and qualified solicitor.

Students also undertake follow-up work including:

  • Letter drafting
  • Preparing court documents
  • Negotiating with other parties
  • Communicating with the client on file progressions

This process provides students with invaluable practical experience. It also performs the important community function of providing a free legal service.

Interviews are conducted in 45 minute appointment time slots during various sessions throughout the week (see Opening Hours for more information).

Although Monash Law Clinics - Clayton is a free community legal centre, the conduct of your case may involve expenses. For example, bringing a court action will usually involve paying filing fees, and court appearances will often involve briefing a barrister whose fees must be paid. If you do not qualify for Legal Aid, you will have to meet these expenses yourself.

  1. On arrival at Monash Law Clinics - Clayton, you will be seated in the waiting room until your name is called. Although we will make every effort to see you at your scheduled interview time, it is not always possible to predict how long interviews will take, so please be patient if the interviews before yours run over time.
  2. A student will interview you and gather facts about your legal matter. Please bring any relevant documents and information with you to this appointment to assist us in efficiently processing your legal matter.
  3. The student will then leave the room to discuss your case and consider the appropriate law and action to be taken with the supervising solicitor.
  4. On the students return you will be advised of your legal position and how the problem should be dealt with, including the need for any future appointments.
  5. The student will then perform any necessary case follow-up.