Our History

Starting over forty years ago, Monash Law's Clinical Legal Education Program provides access to justice for thousands of individuals in need.


The Monash Law first began offering legal advice to Monash University students in a room in the Law School Building during the 1970s. In 1979, the service began to engage students enrolled in the 'Professional Legal Practice' course, and opened up its services to the public. The expanded operation took over the former priests' quarters in Normanby House, which is at the Northern side of the University.

The founder of the Legal Centre, Mr Guy Powles, soon found it necessary to seek larger and better situated premises which would be more likely to attract members of the public who were in need. The University’s Vice-Chancellor provided a staff house which was modified and enlarged to provide interview rooms and to suit the requirements of a legal practice.

The current premises at 60 Beddoe Avenue Clayton, just outside the Western border of the University, are conveniently located close to public transport. The present building was opened in 1998 by the Victorian Chief Justice, Phillips CJ. In 1983, Monash-Oakleigh Legal Service became an incorporated body under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

The Monash Law Clinic – Melbourne was opened in July 2018, and extends the commitment of Monash University to providing access to justice to the local and global Community, as well as providing a first class, practical education to Monash students. Set in the heart of the judicial precinct, the Clinic enables us to work collaboratively with many Community Legal Centres and the Courts.

Why we do it?

At Monash Law we believe access to quality legal advice shouldn't be confined to those who can afford it. Tens of thousands of Victorians are turned away from community legal services each year. We believe this is unacceptable.

At Monash Law we believe you should be work-ready, confident and equipped with life experiences when you enter the workforce. As a Law student, we know you are a wealth of knowledge. You also possess a boundless enthusiasm, dedication and creativity to find solutions to problems that others would simply declare 'too hard'.

At Monash Law, we believe in innovation. We recognise opportunities to improve access to justice while also strengthening your education.

''From my time at Monash I have come to believe that because we’ve had the opportunity to receive a world-class legal education, we also have an obligation to do so - to use it for good.'' - James Campbell (Monash Law Alumnus)