ATO Tax Clinic

In 2022, Monash Law Clinics, in partnership with the Australian Taxation Office, will offer a tax clinic as part of its operations, under the National Tax Clinic program.

The clinic will provide a comprehensive service which will include:

  • Providing advice to clients to better understand the tax system, including advising clients on lodging tax returns, negotiating with the Australian Taxation Office, drafting and lodging objections to assessments, applying for reviews of audit outcomes, providing advice to clients, and assisting unrepresented taxpayers and small businesses when they need to interact with the ATO.
  • Undertaking educational activities to better inform taxpayers and the broader community on matters of interest and concern
  • Advocating on behalf of clients when systemic taxation related issues are identified in their dealings with regulatory or government agencies

The experience for students selected for this new clinic may involve a mixture of developmental work (finding and creating appropriate resources for potential clients) along with direct client work.