Castan Centre Internship

Castan Centre Internship (LAW4803)

Castan Centre Internships offer law students with an interest in human rights the opportunity to work closely
with Castan Centre academics to complete human rights related research and influence policy from a human rights

We are excited to offer our Internships as 6-credit units within LAW4803 'Clinical Placement'. Once a week for a period of 12 weeks, interns will work alongside Castan Centre academics under the supervision of Centre staff to further the Centre's research and policy programs.

About the Castan Centre

The Castan Centre is a world-renowned academic centre within the Monash Faculty of Law using its human rights expertise to create a more just world where human rights are  respected and protected. The Centre’s innovative approach to public engagement and passion for human rights is redefining how academic institutions can create important and lasting change. The Castan Centre’s internships form a core part of our student programs and interns become part of the Castan Centre Team.

How is the Castan Centre internships different from the Castan Centre Human Rights Clinic? 

Internships under LAW4803 primarily involve work with Castan Centre academics. The Internship is therefore more academic in nature, but may involve research that feeds into policy submissions by the Castan Centre and its academics. The Castan Centre Human Rights Clinic (LAW4811) consists of work on policy projects with human rights organisations in Australia and overseas.

Both student programs offer valuable opportunities for students that consider a career in human rights. While the Internship does not tend to involve direct work with external organisations, it provides students with an opportunity to form connections with leading human rights law academics, many of whom have an extensive background in the research and promotion of Indigenous rights issues.


Participating students should ideally have completed at least one human rights-related module in the Law Faculty.


Students interested in a Castan Centre internship are welcome to contact Castan Centre Policy Manager, Andrea Jones, with any questions.

Castan Centre Indigenous Internship (LAW4803)

The Castan Centre is pleased to announce the launch of the new Castan Centre Indigenous Internship which is run alongside Castan Centre Internship. This is an opportunity to work closely with Castan Centre staff and academics to further the Centre’s research and policy work, including issues relating to Indigenous rights.

The internship will take place on a remote basis allowing for the development of collaboration and communication skills using technological platforms, notably Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


The Indigenous Internship is open for applications from Indigenous law students. Applications can be made via  a separate application form from the Castan Centre or the William Cooper Institute.

Participating students should ideally have completed at least one human rights-related module in the Law Faculty.

For more information, read the Castan Centre Internship Flyer