deoblockchain evolved from the complementary blend of personalities that are Shaj and Paul. They built a team around them to think differently, act without fear and challenge everything.

To date they have won EIBC’s best pitch award and exploring collaborations with a major food start up innovation centre.

Our mission

Our mission is to just do better, it’s a journey not a destination.

Our purpose

Your supply chain can be better, do more and become a competitive advantage for any company, it seems simple, but it can get complicated... quickly!

We provide suppliers, transporters, distributors and retailers with an unprecedented level of information, an accountability that is unquestionable and visibility from start to end. All in real time.

deoblockchain is a start-up company that has recognised the power of emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT and AI.

Connecting talented individuals and groups is not as easy as it sounds, providing a culture that bonds understanding, collaboration and most importantly finding the drive to just give your best is what we found was missing in most businesses and we wanted to change this.

Duties of the placement might include:

  • Researching Australian privacy act and other data protection regimes such as EU GDPR and understanding the framework upon which blockchains need to operate within with respect to data security / privacy
  • Dedicated projects including license to operate, international & transportation law
  • Providing legal gap-analysis for new technologies in particular blockchain
  • Assist with building data protection into the business
  • Understanding common and rare pitfalls for businesses in the blockchain space including any guidance from case law
  • Assist in researching common and rare pitfalls for shared software platforms