Monash Law Clinics - Clayton

Monash Law Clinics - Clayton is staffed by law students who conduct legal work on behalf of real clients, all while working in direct collaboration with expert supervisors.

Students also undertake follow-up work such as drafting letters, court documents, negotiating with another party and keeping the client informed about file progress.

Priority is given to those clients least able to access the legal, finance or social welfare system on their own due to financial difficulties, language, literacy or other disadvantage.

Benefits for students:

  • Improved graduate employability driven by the skills and knowledge gained through participation.
  • Providing all students, regardless of social or economic background, with pathways into the legal profession.
  • Increase connection points and enhanced opportunities.
  • Build professional networks.
  • A deeper understanding and appreciation of the law and its application in the community, government and commercial world.
  • Potential to be involved in meaningful and high-profile law reforms.