Resources for Disabled Students

The faculty is committed to promoting access and equity for students who have a disability or long term medical condition.

Within the Faculty

The faculty has a Disability Contact Officer (Students) who operates as a contact and referral point within the faculty for students seeking assistance with disability issues.

There is also an Adaptive Technology Room located within the Law Library and a wheelchair adapted room in room 409.

Within the University

Disabled students are encouraged to register with the Disability Liaison Unit, which provides a range of services to assist students who have a disability or a long-term medical condition to participate as independently as possible in academic activities.

Information regarding the technological resources available to assist people with a disability is available from Information Technology Services.

Accessing the law building

Disabled parking is available in a number of locations on campus.

Entry into the Law School for the disabled is through the double sliding doors on the Ground Floor. To use the lift, turn left, go to the end of the passageway (near Legibook) and there is telephone assistance by the lift doors.

  • Library Assistance - Press 1
  • Building Manager - Press 2
  • General Office - Press 3
  • Emergency - Press 4

There is a toilet for the disabled (wheelchair access) at the Ground Floor entry (right hand side passageway).