Professional staff

Monash Law professional staff oversee the development, marketing and day-to-day administration of the School, and provide support for other Monash staff - including our teachers - and the student body.

All student enquiries:

Phone: Monash Connect Contact Centre on 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274).
Or, Outside Australia + 61 3 9902 6011

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Professional Staff Listing






Aitken, Ms ElizabethSenior Academic Progress Adviserelizabeth.aitken@monash.edu990 38560B12 Lvl 1
Ashok, AlkaStudent Services OfficerAlka.Ashok@monash.edu990 31153B12 Lvl 1
Batra, Mr KayAdministration Assistantkay.Batra@monash.edu990  32016B12 Lvl 1
Beveridge, HeatherSenior Marketing and Events Coordinatorheather.trevisan@monash.edu990 52630B12 Lvl 2
Binios, Ms DonnaReceptionistDonna.Binios@monash.edu990 5434360 Beddoe Avenue, Clayton
Boustead, Ms NavaExecutive Assistant to 
990 59335B12 107
Candy, Ms DeborahManager, Editorial Coordinator, Altern. Law  
Champion, Ms JayneSenior Student Progress AdvisorJayne.Champion@monash.edu990 53356Clayton, 121
Chan, Mr ArthurDigital Marketing Officerarthur.chan@monash.edu990 53024B12 Lvl 2
Chandler, Ms Christina Student Recruitment B12 Lvl 2
Chui, JessicaFAST AdministratorJessica.Chui@monash.edu990 54530B12 Lvl 2
Cridland, Ms JenInterim Executive Assistant to Professors of Practice
Administration Officer 990 53357Deanery
B12 Lvl 1
D’Addazio, Ms AmyResources Support OfficerAmy.DAddazio@monash.edu9905 3320B12 Lvl 2

Dogaru, Zeljka 

60 Beddoe Avenue, Clayton

Fletcher, Ms Melissa

Manager, Clinical Program Expansion


B12 Lvl 2

Gracey, Sarah

Events Coordinator 

B12 Lvl 2

Hannan-Grondman, AliceMarketing CoordinatorAlice.Hannan-Grondman@monash.edu990 53389B12 Lvl 2
Harney, AneirinFAST  

Hart, Ms Jean

Academic Services Officer, (Teaching Support)

990 38029

Law Chambers

Hinchliffe, Mr Chris

Operations Manager

990 50889

B12 Lvl 2

Horton, Dr Craig

Senior Education Designer

990  50784

B12 Lvl 2

Hugo, Ms Janice

Research Centres Administration Officer

990 53327

B12 Lvl 2

Jamieson, Ms Kay

Administrative Officer - MLCC

990  20137

60 Beddoe Avenue, Clayton

Kershaw, AndrewStudent ServicesAndrew.Kershaw@monash.edu990 53385Law Chambers

Lesmana, Ms Nia

Senior Student Services Officer (Admissions)

990  38505

Law Chambers

Lyons, Sarah

Student Services Officer, Law Chambers

990 35115

Law Chambers

Mehta, Mrs Geetika

Student Services Officer

990  55622

B12 Lvl 2

Melles Taberner, Ms IsabelSenior Student Recruitment Coordinatorisabel.melles.taberner@monash.edu990 51211B12 Lvl 2
Milne, Ms Morag

Group Manager, Marketing & Engagement, Faculty of Law


990 53371

B12 212

Rayner, Ms Elly

Senior Marketing and Events Coordinator

990 55631

B12 Lvl 2

Monash Human Resources

HR Access and Operations Officers

Access HR 9902 0400

HR Operations Centre, 
211 Wellington Road,
Mulgrave VIC 3170

Moore, SueAlternative Law Journal   

Neuzerling, Mr Mike

Education Services Manger


B12 Lvl 2

Olivares Jones, AndreaPolicy Manager for Castan Centre for Human Rights Law   

Palacios, Ms Nicole

Student Services Officer

990  38510

Law Chambers

Pattison, Mr James

Media Communications Specialist

990 38102

B12 Lvl 2

Pevie, Mr Lauchlan

Multimedia Support Officer

990  32262

B12 Lvl 2

Purushothaman, Ms PriyaResources Support Officerpriya.purushothaman@monash.edu990 53320B12, 208

Rabling, Mr John

Manager Research Services

990 38625

B12 Lvl 2

Rojas, Ms Catherine

Policy, Compliance and Governance Officer

990  20041

B12 Lvl 1

Rayner, Elly

Senior Marketing and Events Coordinator

990 55631

B12 Lvl 2

Ravinchik, Olya Olya.Ravinchik@monash.edu990 52326 

Sadler, Ms Bridget

Senior Business & Engagement Officer

990 53354

B12 Lvl 2

Shields, Bronwyn  

Stewart, Dr David

Academic Services Manager

990  38520

B12 Lvl 2

Stratton, Ms Sarah

Manager, Planning & Performance

990 58974

B12 102

Bird, JuliaSenior HR Business Partner (Arts,Law)Julia.Bird@monash.edu990 24918Clayton, 226 Lvl 1
van Essen, RowenaManagement Accountantrowena.vanessen@monash.edu990 29414 
Voursouki, MeliAcademic Resources OfficerMeli.Voursoukis@monash.edu990 54135B12 Lvl 2
Webb, GabGroup Manager Finance and ResourcesGabrielle.Webb@monash.edu990 20297B12 Lvl 1
Winn, AndrewFAST  
Winzar, SophieAdministration AssistantSophie.winzar@monash.edu990 50188Monash Law Clinics,
L11 Room 11.01