Professional staff

Monash Law professional staff oversee the development, marketing and day-to-day administration of the School, and provide support for other Monash staff - including our teachers - and the student body.

All student enquiries:

Phone: Monash Connect Contact Centre on 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274).
Or, Outside Australia + 61 3 9902 6011

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Professional Staff Listing






Aitken, Ms ElizabethGovernance and Quality Officerelizabeth.aitken@monash.edu990 38560B12 Lvl 1
Ashok, Alka Senior Student & Academic Services Officer Law Chambers
Beech, KatManager Student & Academic Services B12 Lvl 1
Binios, Ms DonnaAdministrative AssistantDonna.Binios@monash.edu990 5434360 Beddoe Avenue, Clayton
Bird, JuliaSenior HR Business Partner (Arts,Law)Julia.Bird@monash.edu990 24918Clayton, 226 Lvl 1
Blundell, Victoria Student & Academic Services Officer  vicvickytori.blundell@monash.edu990 38528 
Boustead, Ms NavaExecutive Assistant to 
990 59335B12 107
Candy, Ms DeborahManager, Editorial Coordinator, Altern. Law  
Champion, Ms JayneSenior Student and Academic Services OfficerJayne.Champion@monash.edu990 53356B12 Lvl 1
Chan, ArthurDigital Marketing Officerarthur.chan@monash.edu990 53024B12 Lvl 2
Chow, GinaResearch Centres Administration OfficerGina.Chow@monash.edu990 53327B12 Lvl 2
Collard, EmilyIndustry and Experience B12 Lvl 2
Cridland, Ms JenAdministrator - Dean's 990 53357Deanery
B12 Lvl 1
D’Addazio, Ms AmySenior Resources Support OfficerAmy.DAddazio@monash.edu9905 3320B12 Lvl 2
Fletcher, Ms MelissaSenior Manager Partnerships and ClinicsMelissa.Fletcher@monash.edu990 51301B12 Lvl 2
Hannan-Grondman, AliceMarketing CoordinatorAlice.Hannan-Grondman@monash.edu990 53389B12 Lvl 2
Hart, Ms JeanSenior Student and Academic Services OfficerJean.Hart@monash.edu990 38029Law Chambers
Hinchliffe, Mr ChrisOperations ManagerChris.Hinchliffe@monash.edu990 50889B12 Lvl 2
Horton, Dr CraigManager, Education Design and MultimediaCraig.Horton@monash.edu990  50784B12 Lvl 2
Jamieson, Ms KayAdministrative Officer - MLCCKay.Jamieson@monash.edu990  2013760 Beddoe Avenue, Clayton
Kershaw, AndrewSenior Student and Academic Services OfficerAndrew.Kershaw@monash.edu990 53385B12 Lvl 1 
Lesmana, Ms NiaSenior Student Services Officer (Admissions and Selection)Nathania.Lesmana@monash.edu990 38505Law Chambers
Lyons, SarahSenior Student and Academic Services OfficerSarah.Lyons@monash.edu990 35115Law Chambers
Ma, BaratResearch & Grants Development & Training CoordinatorBarat.Ma@monash.edu990 51218B12 Lvl 2
Maritz, Karin Senior Events & Marketing Coordinatorkarin.maritz@monash.edu990 52630 
McCormick,  CatherineGovernance and Quality CoordinatorCathy.McCormick@monash.edu990 20041B12 Lvl 1
Mehta, Mrs GeetikaSenior Student and Academic Services OfficerGeetika.Mehta@monash.edu990 55622B12 Lvl 2
Melles Taberner, Ms IsabelSenior Student Recruitment Coordinatorisabel.melles.taberner@monash.edu990 51211B12 Lvl 2
Milne, Ms Morag Group Manager, Marketing & Engagement, Faculty of Lawmorag.milne@monash,edu990 53371B12 212
Monash Human Resources HR Access and Operations Officershr@monash.eduAccess HR 9902 0400 211 Wellington Road,
Mulgrave VIC 3170
Moore, SueAlternative Law Journal   
Neuzerling, Mr MikeEducation Services MangerMike.Neuzerling@monash.edu990 34984Law Chambers
Norton, TimResearch OfficerTim.Norton@monash.edu990 55609B12 Lvl 2
Olivares Jones, AndreaPolicy Manager for Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Faculty of Lawandrea.olivares.Jones@monash.edu990 53318B15 Lvl 2
Oxenham, Neville Senior Student & Academic Services OfficerNeville.Oxenham@monash.edu990 38524Law Chambers
Palacios, Ms NicoleStudent and Academic Services CoordinatorNicole.Palacios@monash.edu990  38510Law Chambers
Pattison, Mr JamesMedia Communications SpecialistJames.Pattison@monash.edu990 38102B12 Lvl 2
Pevie, Mr LauchlanLearning Systems CoordinatorLauchlan.Pevie@monash.edu990 32262B12 Lvl 2
Puranik, Nandini Events & Marketing Coordinatornandini.puranik@monash.edu990 55631 
Purushothaman, Ms PriyaSenior Resources Support Officerpriya.purushothaman@monash.edu990 53320B12, 208
Rabling, Mr JohnManager Research ServicesJohn.Rabling@monash.edu990 38625B12 Lvl 2
Ravinchik, OlyaSenior Student & Academic Services OfficerOlya.Ravinchik@monash.edu990 52326B12 Lvl 1
Sadler, Ms BridgetSenior Business & Engagement OfficerBridget.Sadler@monash.edu990 53354B12 Lvl 2
Stewart, Dr DavidManager, Curriculum, Governance and QualityDavid.A.Stewart@monash.edu990 38520B12 Lvl 2
Stratton, Ms Sarah Manager, Planning & PerformanceSarah.Stratton@monash.edu990 58974B12 102
Suriarachi, Catherine Monash Connect Senior Advisor (Counter) Law Chambers
Teo, ShearSenior Student Recruitment  
van Essen, RowenaManagement Accountantrowena.vanessen@monash.edu990 29414 
Voursouki, MeliSenior Academic Resources CoordinatorMeli.Voursoukis@monash.edu990 54135B12 Lvl 2
Webb, GabGroup Manager Finance and ResourcesGabrielle.Webb@monash.edu990 20297B12 Lvl 1
Winn, AndrewOperations OfficerAndrew.Winn@monash.edu990 55136B12 Lvl 2
Winzar, SophieClinical Program OfficerSophie.winzar@monash.edu990 50188Monash Law Clinics,
L11 Room 11.01