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Monash Law News - November 2020

As a challenging year draws to a close, it’s with a sense of optimism and determination that we look ahead to 2021.

Japan-Australia pact highlights need to move away creatively from death penalty

Australia and Japan have reached in principle agreement on a landmark defence treaty: allowing their respective defence forces to operate in each other's territories. But what stopped this agreement happening sooner?

Monash Law student recognised for contribution to Victorian community

Pratik Ambani was selected from 180,000 international students for his involvement in various volunteering activities and academic achievements.

Judge-only trials return not guilty verdict on major charges, analysis shows

All accused people to have faced judge-only trials in Victorian courts have been found not guilty on their major charge.

Eleos Justice Launch

On 8 October 2020 we launched our new initiative on the death penalty - watch it here.

Juries: why do we actually need them and can they get it 'wrong'?

There's been some debate over the recent conviction of George Pell, whose first trial ended with a hung jury, and the second a unanimous guilty verdict.

COVID-19 and Prisoners: The Australian Experience of Early Release

As restrictions enacted to combat COVID-19 begin easing across Australia, the issue of managing potential outbreaks within prisons continues to remain a challenge for state governments.

Tackling cybercrime: Trends and challenges – presented by Monash Tech Talks

From 5G computing and 3D printing to augmented reality and blockchain, the twenty-first century has seen incredible technological innovations that are advancing society. But not everyone uses IT for social good.