Your Top 4 Questions About Learning Online

Students often ask how the online learning experience compares to attending classes in person. Monash Law's Senior Educational Designer answers your top 4 questions about virtual learning.

By Dr Craig Horton

1. Is learning online as good as in-person?

Completing part of your university study online is nothing new. For as long as the internet has been around, educators have sought to exploit its benefits in order to continually enhance and improve the ways we teach and learn. For many years universities around the world, including the likes of Oxford and Harvard, have made use of online teaching and learning.

At Monash Law, our way of teaching is ideally suited to online delivery. We’ve incorporated the use of online learning platforms such as Moodle and Zoom into our teaching design over several years. Prior to the COVID-19 social distancing requirements, every Law unit at Monash had already been designed to make use of online learning platforms in order to broaden the range of resources available to students and allow types of interactivity never possible in ‘traditional’ teaching modes. Thanks to our online learning platforms you can review, revise and revisit your lectures and weekly study resources online at any time to make sure you get all the vital information you’ll need for assessments.

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2. What happens to the quality of my Law units?

A Monash Law degree is very carefully structured to ensure that your study experience meets the requirements of the Victorian Legal Assessment Board and prepares you to practice law in the real world. Every unit of study you undertake at Monash Law has been through a rigorous design process and a range of quality control procedures, which ensures not only that the unit is well structured, but that the content is delivered in a way that conforms to educational best practice.

At Monash Law you are fortunate to be taught by lecturers who are some of the best and brightest legal scholars nationally and internationally. These leading legal scholars have invested years of experience and expertise into the units you’ll study. Additionally, each unit is built on a platform of carefully designed learning outcomes, which develop the essential skills and knowledge you’ll need to study and practice the law. These learning outcomes underpin every aspect of your online learning experience.

3. Will I be studying by myself?

No. We may be apart, but we’re still together. Despite physical classes being suspended for the time being, you’re joining an online community. The online platforms being used by Monash Law to deliver units enable and encourage interactivity with your fellow students and teachers. We consider this a crucial part of your study experience and have designed your units and assessments with this in mind. Many of your classes will be delivered live and you’ll be able to participate and interact just as you would in a physical classroom. You’ll also have access to a range of support services to help you with your studies, including I.T. support, study skills, research and academic writing help.

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4. How will the experience of online learning help me in the future?

Your degree is designed to prepare you to apply your knowledge of the law in the ‘real world’. The rest of the world makes use of the internet and universities are in a prime position to provide you with access to a broad and interesting range of law and non-law resources. Apart from studying black letter law, the ‘soft skills’ you will learn during this phase of online learning will become important in your future career. For example, the range of online tools you master to enable connectivity during this pandemic are transferable career skills you will be able to call upon when you embark on your career journey.

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Dr Craig Horton is Senior Educational Designer at the Faculty of Law, Monash University.