Monash Law academic's football podcast joins ABC Radio

The Outer Sanctum (ABC Radio)

28 March 2017

Monash Law academic and mad AFL fan Dr Kate Seear's podcast The Outer Sanctum has been picked up by ABC Radio.

The Outer Sanctum made headlines in 2016 after sparking a national debate about the treatment of women in football by airing derogatory comments by Triple M radio commentators, including Collingwood president Eddie McGuire, about The Age's chief football writer Caroline Wilson.

The Outer Sanctum features a panel of six footy-mad fans, who’ve honed their skills by recording a weekly podcast about their love of the game around the kitchen table.

The Outer Sanctum features Monash Law academic and lawyer Dr Kate Seear, broadcaster Emma Race, author Nicole Hayes, poet and author Alicia Sometimes, and small business owners Lucy Race and Felicity Race.

In each episode, the women share their observations on football, with guests who can bring a different perspective to the conversation around AFL.

"I'm a huge footy fan," says Dr Seear.

"I love that footy can take us away from the everyday stresses of our lives, to relax, be part of a crowd, and release emotion. But there's also a really serious side to sport. Sport isn't separate from broader society, but a mirror of it."

Dr Seear says she sees similar social problems in sport to those that come across her desk as a lawyer and academic.

"I have worked for many years as a lawyer representing victims of discrimination, family violence, sexual assault and sexual abuse, and people experiencing alcohol and other drug problems," she says.

"These issues are never far away from footy. Most weeks, there's a scandal - whether on field, or off-field - involving allegations of illicit drug use, doping, sexual assault, violence, racism, sexism, and more."

"I think my work as a law academic forces me to think differently about some of these issues, and how sport should manage complex social, cultural and legal problems."

Nick Morris, head of ABC Sport, says he is thrilled with the new partnership.

“ABC Sport is delighted to be collaborating with the women of The Outer Sanctum to bring this ground breaking podcast to ABC audiences and AFL lovers across the world,” he says.

The Outer Sanctum has set a new benchmark for AFL podcasts in this country, giving audiences a new perspective on one of Australia’s biggest sports."

It's a sentiment shared by Dr Seear.

The Outer Sanctum is different to other footy podcasts: we don't focus on stats and facts, but on diverse and unconventional stories from in and around the game," says Dr Seear.

"You'll hear about footy from a fan's perspective, as we share stories from the outer. Each week, we also examine the social, cultural and political aspects of sport, unpack the big issues of the day and share our passion for all that is beautiful and all that is absurd about this great game,” she says.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the ABC," says Dr Seear, "And can’t wait to get talking about footy and share our mutual love of the game.”

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