Current issue

Volume 44(2) 2018

Special Issue: The Law of Protest

Sarah Joseph

Anti-Abortion Protest and the Effectiveness of Victoria's Safe Access Zones: An Analysis
Ronli Sifris and Tania Penovic

Let the Asylum Seekers Stay: Strengths and Weaknesses of Church Sanctuary as a Strategy for Law Reform
Azadeh Dastyari

'Ramming Speed': The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Law of Protest
Gerry Nagtzaam and Douglas Guilfoyle

Dishonouring the Australian Flag
Caroline Henckels

Protest Law and the First World War: The Case of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Stephen Gray

Lone Anarchists and Peace Pilgrims: The Relevance of Political Motivations to Sentencing
Jamie Walvisch

Private Rights, Protest and Place in Brown v Tasmania
Patrick Emerton and Maria O'Sullivan