Forthcoming issue

Volume 46(2) 2020

A National Integrity Commission?
The Honourable Stephen Charles AO QC

Artificial Intelligence in Welfare: Striking the Vulnerability Balance?
Terry Carney

Lawyer Cancellation Fees
GE Dal Pont

Practitioner Attitudes to Caring Relationships under the Victorian Relationships Act: An Empirical Study
Susan Barkehall Thomas

Suicides, Assisted Suicides and 'Mercy Killings': Would Voluntary Assisted Dying Prevent These 'Bad Deaths'?
Katrine Del Villar, Lindy Willmott and Ben White

Free Speech Consequentialism: An Australian Account
Carlo Dellora

Australia's Same-Sex Marriage Survey: Evaluating a Unique Popular Vote Process
Paul Kildea

Panoptic Blockchain Ecosystems: An Exploratory Case Study of the Beef Supply Chain
Lachlan Robb, Felicity Deane and Warwick Powell