Volume 41 (2015)


Volume 41(1)


Legislative Intention

Stephen Gageler


When is an Office or Public Trust 'Under the Commonwealth' for the Purposes of the Religious Tests Clause of the Australian Constitution?

Luke Beck

Sentences without Conviction: Protecting an Offender from Unwarranted Discrimination in Employment

Rebecca Bradfield

Revisiting Restraints on Alienation: Public and Private Dimensions

Scott Grattan

The Rise of Judicial Power in Australia: Is There Now a Culture of Justification?

Grant Hooper

When to Punish, When to Persuade and When to Reward: Strengthening Responsive Regulation with the Regulatory Diamond

Jonathan Kolieb

Reluctance Realised? Emerging Problems with s 117(2)(b) of the Patents Act 1990 (Cth)

Johnathon E Liddicoat

Designs, Parody and Artistic Expression — A Comparative Perspective of Plesner v Louis Vuitton

Jani McCutcheon

A Strategic Framework for Implementing Human Rights in Closed Environments

Bronwyn Naylor, Julie Debeljak and Anita Mackay

Book Review

AJ Brown, David Lewis, Richard Moberly and Wim Vandekerckhove, International Handbook on Whistleblowing Research (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014)

Melissa de Zwart

Volume 41(2)


Of Courts and Judges: Under the Spotlight, In the Limelight and Seeing the Light

H P Lee


Court Services Victoria and the New Politics of Judicial Independence: A Critical Analysis of the Court Services Victoria Act 2014 (Vic)

Tin Bunjevac

The Principle of Legality: Issues of Rationale and Application

Bruce Chen

Private Law and Grave Historical Injustice: The Role of the Common Law

Simone Degeling and Kit Barker

Toward Timeliness In Civil Justice

Kim Economides, Alfred A Haug and Joe McIntyre

Evaluating Judicial Performance for Caseload Allocation

Anne Wallace, Sharyn Roach Anleu and Kathy Mack

The Operation and Impact of Australia's Parliamentary Scrutiny Regime for Human Rights

George Williams and Daniel Reynolds

Book Review

James B Jacobs, The Eternal Criminal Record (Harvard University Press, 2015) 

Bronwyn Naylor

Volume 41(3)


Addressing the Curious Blackspot that is the Separation Between the Principle of Legality and Sentencing

Mirko Bagaric and Theo Alexander

When Statutory Powers Distract: Involuntary Detention and Treatment Laws, and Liability for Harm

Wendy E Bonython and Bruce B Arnold

Making Copyright Content Available in the Cloud vs the Making of Copies: Revisiting Optus TV and Aereo

Cheryl Foong

Claiming Justice in Injury Law

Genevieve M Grant

'Taking Advantage' of Substantial Market Power, and Other Profit-Focused Tests for Unilateral Anticompetitive Conduct

Katharine Kemp

Reconciling Law and Morality in a Secular Legal System: Christian and Jewish Approaches to Lawyers' Ethics

Katie Murray

The Historical Foundations of the Duty of Care

James C Plunkett

Indigenous Knowledge and Culture in Australia — The Case for Sui Generis Legislation

Natalie Stoianoff and Alpana Roy

Book Review

Tarunabh Khaitan, A Theory of Discrimination Law (Oxford University Press, 2015)

Dominique Allen