Volume 45 (2019)

Volume 45(1) 2019

Development of the Office of Commissioner of Victims' Rights as an Appropriate Response to Improving the Experiences of Victims in the Criminal Justice System: Integrity, Access and Justice for Victims of Crime
Tyrone Kirchengast, Mary Iliadis and Michael O'Connell

Risk Management by University Lawyers in Work Integrated Learning Programs
Craig Cameron

Copyright in Published Editions: A History of a Declining Right
Rita Matulionyte

Reasoning about Tendency: What Does Hughes v The Queen Really Tell Us?
Peter M Robinson

Perjury by the Criminal Defendant: The Responses of Lawyers in Australia and the United States
Peter W Tague

The Province of Mental Impairment in Victoria: An Analysis of the Conflict between Stiles and Hawkins and a Prediction about How It Will Be Resolved
Anthony Pyne

An Argument for Diminished Culpability Manslaughter: Responding to Gaps in Victorian Homicide Law
Madeleine Ulbrick, Asher Flynn and Danielle Tyson

The Place of Cultural Values, Norms and Practices: Assessing Unconscionability in Commercial Transactions
Rachel Yates and Sharmin Tania

Volume 45(2) 2019

Section 44 — The Other Subsections
The Honourable Chief Justice Catherine Holmes

International Sports Regulation: An Evolving Private-Public Partnership
Eric Windholz and Graeme Hodge

'Best for the Protagonists Involved': Views from Senior Tort Lawyers on the Value of Mediation in Victorian Medical Negligence Disputes
Tina Popa and Kathy Douglas

Patterns of Use: Foreign Cases in High Court Judicial Review Judgments from 1980 to 2018
Alexander Ferguson

Drafting Statutes and Statutory Interpretation: Express or Assumed Rules?
Jacinta Dharmananda

A Judicial Fiction? Retrospectivity and the Role of Parliament
Lorraine Finlay

Disability Discrimination, the Duty to Make Adjustments and the Problem of Persistent Misreading
Alice Taylor

Not Black and White: Disciplinary Regulation of Doctors Convicted of Child Pornography Offences in Australia
Gabrielle Wolf