Volume 33 - Monash University Law Review


Volume 33(1)


Parliamentary Sovereignty and Dialogue under the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities: Drawing the Line between Judicial Interpretation and Judicial Law-Making
Julie Debeljak

Suffering in Silence: Prohibitions on Interviewing Prisoners in Australia, the US and the UK
Tamara Walsh

Victim Impact Statements and Sentencing
Sam Garkawe

A Comparative Analysis of the Australian Patent Office's Examination of Biotechnology Reach-Through Patent Claims
Amanda S Y Lim and Andrew F Christie

Assessment of Law Relating to the Transfer of Mortgagee's Rights to the Trustee Issuer in Mortgage Securitisation
Pelma Jacinth Rajapakse

A Universal Duty of Good Faith: An Economic Perspective
Arlen Duke

Book reviews

James C Hathaway, The Rights of Refugees Under International Law
Maria O'Sullivan 

Volume 33(2)


Tribute to Peter Heffey



Protecting Human Rights in a Federation
Pamela Tate SC

Inflexibly Inflexible: Why Choice of Law in Tort Questions Still Won't Go Away
Janey Greene

The Sentencing Provisions of the International Criminal Court: Common Law, Civil Law, or Both?
Adrian Hoel

Prejudice to Honour or Reputation in Copyright Law
Dennis Lim

The Torrens System's Migration to Victoria
Greg Taylor