Volume 34 - Monash University Law Review


Volume 34(1)


Implications of the Crown's Radical Title for Statutory Regimes Regulating the Alienation of Land: ‘Crown Land' v ‘Property of the Crown' Post-Mabo
Ulla Secher

Coordinate Citations between Australian State Supreme Courts over the Twentieth Century'
Russell Smyth and Dietrich Fausten

What's in a Name? Goodwill in Early Passing-Off Cases
Ian Tregoning

Abolition or Reform: The Future for Directness as a Requirement of Trespass in Australia
Albert Ounapuu

Possibilities for Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Clinical Practice: Practical Ethical Implications for Lawyers and Clients
Margaret Castles

Implied Undertaking: Express Reform Required
Robert Williams

Playing for Keeps? Tobacco Litigation, Document Retention, Corporate Culture and Legal Ethics
Matthew Harvey and Suzanne LeMire

Goldsmith Collins: Footballer, Fencer, Maverick Litigator
Simon Smith

Book reviews

D Fairgrieve and S Green, Child Abuse Tort Claims Against Public Bodies: A Comparative Law View
Renata Alexander

Volume 34(2)


Australia's Growing Debt to the European Court of Human Rights
The Hon Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG 


Costs Agreements and VCAT - The Challenges of St Yves
G E Dal Pont

Confused in Words: Unconscionability and the Doctrine of Penalties
Paula Baron

Student Misconduct and Admission to Legal Practice - New Judicial Approaches'
Brancesca Bartlett

‘Doing it Quietly': The World Bank's Engagement with Human Rights
Rachel Ball

Assessment of Insolvency Issues for the Mortgage Originator and Trustee-Issuer in Securitisation Programs
Pelma Rajapakse, Richard Copp and Jodi Gardner

Use and Abuse of Power and Why We Need a Bill of Rights: The ASIO (Terrorism) Amendment Act 2003 (Cth) and the case of R v Ul-Haque
Sarah Sorial

Drugs Prosecutions in Vietnam: The Modern Propaganda Trial
Pip Nicholson & Kieu Truong

Australia and the Intermediate Term - ‘No Country for Old Rules'
Roger Gamble