Volume 35 - Monash University Law Review


Volume 35(1)


Parameters of Constitutional Change
The Hon Sir Gerard Brennan AC KBE

Remarks on the Occasion of the 19th International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences
The Hon Chief Justice Marilyn Warren AC

The Move towards Pre-emption in the Criminal Law
The Hon Justice Mark Weinberg


The Quit Rent System in Colonial New South Wales
Enid Campbell AC OBE

Implied Fetters on the Exercise of Discretionary Contractual Powers
Jeannie Marie Paterson

Keeping It In the Neighbourhood? Neighbourhood Courts in the Australian Context
Sarah Murray

The Recovery of Wages: Legal Services and Access to Justice
Chris Arup and Carolyn Sutherland

Food Advertising and Obesity in Australia: To What Extent Can Self-Regulation Protect the Interests of Children?
Sarah Mackay

Who Is Entitled to Parental Responsibility? Biology, Caregiving, Intention and the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth): A Jurisprudential Feminist Analysis

Aleardo Zanghellini

Book reviews

Ron McCallum, McCallum's Top Workplace Relations Cases: Labour Law and the Employment Relationship as Defined by Case Law
Karen Wheelwright

Nadine Behan, How to Run Your Own Court Case: A Practical Guide to Representing Yourself in Australian Courts and Tribunals
Ross Hyams

Volume 35(2)


Tribute to Francis Trindade

Tribute to Bryan Dwyer


It's My Body, Isn't It? Children, Medical Treatment and Human Rights
The Hon Chief Justice Diana Bryant

Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine Oration: The Inquiry into Pediatric Forensic Pathology in Ontario, Canada: Some Reflections
The Hon Justice Stephen Goudge


Legislating for Sustainability: A Framework for Managing Statutory Rights, Obligations and Restrictions Affecting Private Land
Pamela O'Connor, Sharon Christensen and Bill Duncan

Can Socially Responsible Investment Provide a Means of Environmental Regulation?
Benjamin J Richardson

Genetics and the Transformation of the Personal
Belinda Bennett

Waiver of the Rule against Bias
Matthew Groves

Copyright as (Decentred) Regulation: Digital Piracy as a Case Study
Chris Dent

The Patentability of Non-physical Inventions: Lessons from the United States
Ben McEniery

When Does ‘Fraud on the Market' Induce a Right to Damages?
Mark Humphery

Book reviews

Nicholas Aroney, Scott Prasser and John Nethercote (eds), Restraining Elective Dictatorship: The Upper House Solution?
Greg Taylor

New South Wales Law Reform Commission, Young People and Consent to Health Care
Penny Weller