Volume 36 - Monash University Law Review


Volume 36(1)


Global Warming After the Obama Accord
Ross Garnaut


Climate Change in the Courts
The Hon Chief Justice Brian J Preston


How Australia Once Led the World
Tim Bonyhady

‘The Hour When the Ship Comes In': A Convention for Persons Displaced by Climate Change
David Hodgkinson, Tess Burton, Heather Anderson and Lucy Young

Explaining Unilateral Cooperative Actions: The Case of Greenhouse Gas Regulations
Urs Luterbacher and Peter Davis

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries
Lee Godden, Anne Kallies, Rodney J Keenan and Jacqueline Peel

Smart Grids: Opportunities for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Rosemary Lyster

The Legal and Economic Bases for an Emissions Trading Scheme
Leslie A Stein

What Rough Beast - Copenhagen and Creating a Successor Agreement to the Kyoto Protocol
Gerry Nagtzaam

Emissions Trading - Has Australia Found the Right Balance?
Bruno Zeller

Passing through Carbon Costs under the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme'
Renee Garner and Rachael Wong

Climate Change and the Copenhagen Legacy: Where to from Here?
Rowena Cantley-Smith

Transfer of Carbon Liability under the Proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
Grant Anderson

A Property Law Perspective on the Current Australian Carbon Sequestration Laws, and the Green Paper Model
Marianna Parry

Volume 36(2)


Section 92: Markets, Protectionism and Proportionality - Australian and European Perspectives
The Hon Justice Susan Kiefel

Should Discrimination in Victoria's Religious Schools Be Protected - Using the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act to Achieve the Right Balance?
John Tobin

The Changing Paradigm of Property and the Framing of Regulation as a ‘Taking'
Pamela O'Connor

Legal Education and the ‘Idealistic Student': Using Foucault to Unpack the Critical Legal Narrative
Matthew Ball

Enforceable Undertaking: A Restorative Sanction
Marina Nehme

Open Justice, the Media and Reporting on Preventive Supervision and Detention Orders Imposed on Serious Sex Offenders in Victoria
Sharon Rodrick

Case notes

The Bottom Line for Review of an Assessment - A Case Note on Commissioner of Taxation v Futuris Corporation Ltd
Sue Milne

Subcontractors and Three Party Claims: Lumbers v W Cook Builders Ptd Ltd (In Liq)
Simone Degeling

Book reviews

Uniform Evidence, Jeremy Gans and Andrew Palmer
Jason Harkess

Community Engagement in Contemporary Legal Education: Pro bono, Clinical Legal Education and Service-Learning, Patrick Keyzer, Amy Kenworthy and Gail S Wilson (eds)
Fay Gertner

Volume 36(3)


A Right to Birth Registration in the Victorian Charter? - Seek and You Shall Not Find!
Andy Gargett, Paula Gerber and Melissa Castan

A Gap in the Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights
Radu Mares

Capacity in Victorian Guardianship Law: Options for Reform
John Chesterman

Strategic Enforcement of Anti-Discrimination Law: A New Role for Australia's Equality Commissions
Dominique Allen

Difficult Journeys: Accessing Refugee Protection in Indonesia
Savitri Taylor and Brynna Rafferty-Brown

International Law and Disaster Response
Michael Eburn

Industrial Law, Working Hours, and Work, Care and Family
Anna Chapman

Inside Running: Internal Complaints Management Practice and Regulation in the Legal Profession
Christine Parker and Linda Haller

Book reviews

New South Wales Law Reform Commission, Workplace Deaths, Report No 122 (2009)
Karen Wheelwright