Volume 37 - Monash University Law Review


Volume 37(1)


The Future of the Legal Profession
Susan Daicoff

From Theory to Practice and Back Again in Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Now Comes the Hard Part
David B Wexler

Facing Down the Gladiators: Addressing Law School's Hidden Adversarial Curriculum
Molly Townes O'Brien

ADR, Public Interest Law and Access to Justice: The Need for Vigilance
Mary Anne Noone

Taking a Reflexive Turn: Non-Adversarial Justice and Mental Health Review Tribunals
Penelope Weller

Pursuing Non-Adversarial Justice within an Adversarial Structure
Robert F Schopp

Finding the Facts: The Judge Should Lead the Search Party
Andrew Cannon

Adversarial System and the Search for Truth
Ray Finkelstein

Five Reasons Why Judges Should Conduct Settlement
Tania Sourdin

Realising the Potential of Judging
Michael King

Opportunities for New Approaches to Judging in a Conventional Context: Attitudes, Skills and Practices
Kathy Mack and Sharyn Roach Anleu

‘It's Not Just about the Money' - Enhancing the Vindicatory Effect of Private Law Remedies
Robyn Carroll and Normann Witzleb

Contested Emotions: Adversarial Rituals in Non-Adversarial Justice Procedures
Meredith Rossner and David Tait

International Problem-Solving Court Movement: A Comparative Perspective
James L Nolan Jr

New South Wales Youth Drug & Alcohol Court Program: A Decade of Development
Shelley Turner

Achieving Quality Outcomes in Community Titles Disputes: A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Approach
Lisa Toohey and David Toohey

Volume 37(2)


Common Law Statutes and Judicial Legislation: Statutory Interpretation as a Common Law Process
Stephen Gageler

A Comparison of Security of Tenure in Queensland and in Western Europe
Nathalie Wharton and Lucy Cradduck

Similar Facts and Consent in Sexual Assault Cases: Filling in the Gap Left by the High Court in Phillips
Annie Cossins

Australians Sentenced to Death Overseas: Promoting Bilateral Dialogues to Avoid International Law Disputes
Natalie Klein and Lauren Knapman

Illegality of State Contracts under International Law
Hop Xuan Dang

Implied Terms in Australian Contract Law: A Reappraisal after University of Western Australia v Gray
Jane Knowler and Charles Rickett

The Ramifications of Pape v Federal Commissioner of Taxation for the Spending Power and Legislative Powers of the Commonwealth
Gabrielle Appleby and Stephen McDonald

Reforming Federalism: A Proposal for Strengthening the Australian Federation
Augusto Zimmermann and Lorraine Finlay

Open Justice, the Media and Reporting on Preventive Supervision and Detention Orders Imposed on Serious Sex Offenders in Victoria
Sharon Rodrick

Volume 37(3)


‘In Review' Celebration of Scholarship
The Hon Sir Gerard Brennan

Trading or Financial Corporations' under Section 51(xx) of the Constitution: A Multifactorial Approach
Christopher Tran

Australian Claims to the Timor Sea's Petroleum Resources: Clever, Cunning, or Criminal?
Madeleine J Smith

Bargaining with Justice: Victims, Plea Bargaining and the Victims' Charter Act 2006 (Vic)
Asher Flynn

Prosecuting Court-Appointed Liquidators in Non-Appointing Courts: A Case for Overturning Outdated Law
John Azzi

Refusing to Process Voluminous Requests: Contrary to the Spirit of Freedom of Information
Bruce Chen

The Social Responsibility of Everyone: Actions for Pupils, Professors, Professionals and Politicians
Bryan Horrigan

Between a Rock and a Softer Place: Cartel Settlements in Australia and Canada
Roger Gamble

Peer Assisted Learning, Skills Development and Generation Y: A Case Study of a First Year Undergraduate Law Unit
Tracey Carver