Volume 38


Volume 38(1)


Harmonisation or Unification of European Union Copyright Law
P Bernt Hugenholtz

Protection of Compilations and Databases after IceTV: Authorship, Originality and the Transformation of Australian Copyright Law
David Lindsay

The Reprographic Crisis Towards an International Solution?
Leanne Wiseman

Does a Requirement that the Description Fully Supports a Product Claim Raise Australia from ‘Mechanistic and Impoverished' Patent Rules?
David J Brennan

Is it Time to Codify Principles for Ownership of Academic Employee Inventions? The Disconnect between Policy and the Law
Ann L Monotti

Foxes and Hedgehogs at the Intersection of Human Rights and Intellectual Property
Samuel Murumba

Rethinking the Presumption of Registrability in Trade Mark Law
Robert Burrell and Michael Handler

Parallel Importing in Australia: What is the Objective and is it Being Achieved?
Mark Davison

Trademarks and Freedom of Expression in ICANN's New gTLD Process
Jacqueline Lipton and Mary Wong

Kryptonite, Duff Beer and the Protection of Fictional Characters and Products in the Global Community
Geoffrey R Scott and Karen E Maull

Volume 38(2)


How Property Law Shapes Our Landscapes
Paul Bable

Testing Good Securities Disclosure: Tales of the Reasonable Investor
Michael J Duffy

Global Agendas, Cultural Capital and Self-Assessment of Clinical Legal Education Programs
Adrian Evans

ADR and Industrial Tribunals: Innovations and Challenges in Resolving Individual Workplace Grievances
Therese MacDermott and Joellen Riley

Understanding CSR: An Empirical Study of Private Regulation
Benedict Sheehy

Easements Implied in a Grant - Away with ‘Continuous and Apparent'
Greg Taylor

Always the Bridesmaid - Constitutional Recognition of Local Government
Anne Twomey

Lawyers' Views of Decision-Making in Child Protection Matters: The Tension between Adversarialism and Collaborative Approaches
Tamara Walsh and Heather Douglas

Conceptualising Social and Economic Regulation: Implications for Modern Regulators and Regulatory Activity
Eric Windholz and Greame A Hodge

Volume 38(3)


The Integrity Function and ASIO's Extraordinary Questioning and Detention Powers
Lisa Burton and George Williams

Does the Despoiler of Water Have a Proprietary Right in the Commingled Product? Implications for Property Law and Criminal procedure
Lynden Griggs, Terese Henning and Jeremy Prichard

The Criminalisation of Terrorist Financing in Australia
Nicola McGarrity

Abortion and Conscientious Objection: The New Battleground
Anne O'Rourke, Lachlan de Crespigny and Amanda Pyman

Hadi Ahmadi - and the Myth of the ‘People Smugglers' Business Model
Andreas Schloenhardt and Linley Ezzy

Corporate Social Responsibility, the Business Judgment Rule and Human Rights in Australia - Warm Inner Glow or Warming the Globe?
Nigel Wilson

Assessing the Impact of a ‘For Government' Review on the Nanotechnology Regulatory Landscape
Diana M Bowman and Karinne Ludlow

Lawful Acts, Unlawful Images: The Problematic Definition of ‘Child' Pornography
Jonathan Clough

Case notes

New South Wales Lotteries Corporation v Kuzmanovski - When the Law is a Lottery
Katy Barnett

Williams v Commonwealth - School Chaplains and the Religious Tests Clause of the Constitution
Luke Beck