Climate Change (2010)

Climate Change (2010)

Volume 36(1)


Global Warming After the Obama Accord

Ross Garnaut


Climate Change in the Courts
The Hon Chief Justice Brian J Preston 


How Australia Once Led the World
Tim Bonyhady

‘The Hour When the Ship Comes In': A Convention for Persons Displaced by Climate Change
David Hodgkinson, Tess Burton, Heather Anderson and Lucy Young

Explaining Unilateral Cooperative Actions: The Case of Greenhouse Gas Regulations
Urs Luterbacher and Peter Davis

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries
Lee Godden, Anne Kallies, Rodney J Keenan and Jacqueline Peel

Smart Grids: Opportunities for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Rosemary Lyster

The Legal and Economic Bases for an Emissions Trading Scheme
Leslie A Stein

What Rough Beast - Copenhagen and Creating a Successor Agreement to the Kyoto Protocol
Gerry Nagtzaam

Emissions Trading - Has Australia Found the Right Balance?
Bruno Zeller

Passing through Carbon Costs under the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme'
Renee Garner and Rachael Wong

Climate Change and the Copenhagen Legacy: Where to from Here?
Rowena Cantley-Smith

Transfer of Carbon Liability under the Proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
Grant Anderson

A Property Law Perspective on the Current Australian Carbon Sequestration Laws, and the Green Paper Model
Marianna Parry