Intellectual Property (2012)

Intellectual Property (2012)

Volume 38(1)


Harmonisation or Unification of European Union Copyright Law
P Bernt Hugenholtz

Protection of Compilations and Databases after IceTV: Authorship, Originality and the Transformation of Australian Copyright Law
David Lindsay

The Reprographic Crisis Towards an International Solution?
Leanne Wiseman

Does a Requirement that the Description Fully Supports a Product Claim Raise Australia from ‘Mechanistic and Impoverished' Patent Rules?
David J Brennan

Is it Time to Codify Principles for Ownership of Academic Employee Inventions? The Disconnect between Policy and the Law
Ann L Monotti

Foxes and Hedgehogs at the Intersection of Human Rights and Intellectual Property
Samuel Murumba

Rethinking the Presumption of Registrability in Trade Mark Law
Robert Burrell and Michael Handler

Parallel Importing in Australia: What is the Objective and is it Being Achieved?
Mark Davison

Trademarks and Freedom of Expression in ICANN's New gTLD Process
Jacqueline Lipton and Mary Wong

Kryptonite, Duff Beer and the Protection of Fictional Characters and Products in the Global Community
Geoffrey R Scott and Karen E Maull