Master of Digital Law

Do you want to develop your knowledge of how law is adapting to a digital and borderless world?

Monash University’s Master of Digital Law is a unique opportunity to upskill in a legal specialisation that is key to our dynamic digital world.

As new technologies present industries with new challenges, this degree will allow you to tackle these issues with authority. You’ll study foundational law units that emphasise the impact of digital technologies and deep dive into specific tech-related aspects of the law that are rapidly reshaping our society.

You'll graduate with skills you can immediately apply to your current role, as well as the confidence to tackle the big issues of the future.

A Master of Digital Law from Monash University will help you stand out in a competitive job market or be better placed within the industry in which you currently work.

Career opportunities from this expert master’s degree may lie in IT, engineering, government, medical health and many more.

There are multiple intakes throughout the year, including in July, August and October 2021.

Whether you have a background in law, or you work in a field that is impacted by the law, the Master of Digital Law will set you up for the future.

Apply now. Learn more about the Master of Digital Law.