Open Justice Project

Open Justice Project

On Wednesday the 24th of March, we launched Open Justice — a collaboration between the Victorian Bar and the Monash Faculty of Law.

This is a project which enables later year LLB and JD students from Monash Law to provide pro bono legal assistance (such as research and paralegal assistance) to barristers in pro bono matters.

This is another fantastic opportunity to add to our already impressive list of placements within our Clinical Legal Education program.

"Great credit to everyone involved, it's a well thought out program and it's a privilege to be a part of it. We're still stuck in a text book based model of education and it's not good enough. The balance of theoretical work and practical experience needs to change and Monash is leading the way. This project is a fitting companion to the Bar's pro bono work which is second to none in this country." -The Hon Chris Maxwell

"It is so wonderful to collaborate with the Victorian Bar on this program. Our students can do something that makes a difference in people's lives and is a tremendous benefit to our students, to the people they help and a benefit to the courts. This program matters to the community and to access to justice and as Dean, I'm very proud to be part of it." - Bryan Horrigan, Dean of Monash Law