How to use this guide

This guide has been funded by a grant from the Victoria Law Foundation. As such it is focused on Victorian organisations. Some Federal bodies have been included. However, other states will have broadly similar organisations, so it is hoped that interstate readers will still find this guide a useful source of ideas.

The guide has been internally linked so that you can navigate in a number of ways: By stage of career, by field of law, by keyword search and by the creating your own pathway section.

To read about people who have made a career in public interest law, visit the testimonials section. A range of public interest lawyers from different fields and disciplines have shared their experiences

The Stage of Career section allows you to view only the organisations relevant to your current position, whether that's secondary school, undergraduate, graduate or practising lawyer. Note that the Graduates link will not only link to organisations offering graduate programs, but organisations that employ law graduates in other roles.

The Field of Law section enables you to focus on the kind of law you are interested in and view all  organisations active in that area of law.

The Information for Indigenous Students and Lawyers section contains information about professional support organisations, scholarships and employers who have made a commitment to increasing Indigenous employment.

The internal search tool allows you to search for organisations that match any keywords you choose. Type your keywords into the search box available in the menu to your left.

The creating your own pathway section lists practical legal training providers and a list of organisations offering volunteer opportunities that will help you prepare for your leap to a career and/or contribute to social justice outcomes.

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