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Graduates (link to creating your own pathway section - PLT provider)

Contact Details

Address: ANU Legal Practice, Building 5, Fellows Road, The Australian National University, Acton ACT 0200
Phone: 02 6125 3483
Visit the ANU Legal Practice website
Contact person: Student Administration Team


ANU Legal Practice offers a specialised university-based professional legal education, the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP).

Provided you meet all requirements as laid out by the relevant admission authorities, completion of the GDLP, together with an LLB or JD allows for direct admission to practice in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory, and reciprocal admission in South Australia.

The GDLP provides the high standard of academic and professional education expected at Australia's premier university. The GDLP is a flexible program which is ideal for students who are working or who have home or personal commitments. Following completion of the five day Becoming a Practitioner face to face intensive, which is offered in cities Australia wide, students can undertake the program from anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Types of course available

The Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) is a flexible online program that can be completed in five months or over a three year period. The GDLP comprises of four components:

1. Becoming a Practitioner intensive

2. Professional Practice Core

3. Legal Practice Experience

4. Elective Coursework

How to apply

The GDLP application is submitted online. In order for you to receive an offer for entry into the program you must supply one of the following:

  • a scanned colour original official transcript of your LLB or JD
  • an original official transcript of your LLB or JD
  • a scanned colour original Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement
  • an original Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement
  • a scanned colour original testamur of your LLB or JD

You can either upload the scanned coloured version to the application or email it to us at

Dates for application

Courses and sessions run at various times of the year. Visit the ANU Law program dates website for more information

Enrolment process

Domestic and International students can apply online to the GDLP program.  and visit the Fees and How to Apply page for more information.

Qualifications/skills required

Completed Bachelor of laws or Juris Doctor

Payment options

The GDLP is a 'pay as you enrol' program. Invoices are generated based on the time you enrol, regardless of census dates or class start dates. You will usually be given 21 days from the date the invoice was generated, to pay your account.

Should you have any queries relating to fees please contact the Fees Office on +61 2 6125 8124 or


The Federal Government operates a loan scheme called FEE-HELP to assist some postgraduate students with fees. For more information please visit the Fee Help page of ANU's website.

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