Public Interest Law Careers Guide - Barristers Animal Welfare Panel

Field of Law

Animal Law

Stage of Career

Secondary; Undergraduates; Practising Lawyers (Volunteer Only)

Contact Details

Phone: 0438 8490 38
Visit the BAWP website or Facebook page
Contact person:  Anastasia Smietanka, National Coordinator

Description of Organisation

The Barristers Animal Welfare Panel comprises of approximately 120 barristers and 100 Secretariat members across Australia.

BAWP aims to promote, and foster advocacy for, the welfare of animals; to enable litigants in matters of public interest or prosecutions affecting animal welfare to be represented and advised on a pro bono or reduced fee basis, instructed where necessary under the auspices of PILCH or direct by different law firms; to challenge publicly or otherwise deficiencies in the animal legal regime in Australia or elsewhere, and for this purpose, to formulate and prosecute proposals for law reform; to advise or appear in the defence of protestors acting to promote animal welfare; to promote the adoption by law schools of ‘Animal Law' as a subject and continuing legal education programs for members of the legal profession and others.

The Panel was formed in November 2006 at a Victorian Bar meeting and became a national unitary body in June 2010.

Number of legal positions within organisation: All positions are voluntary

Information for secondary schools

Do you host school trips or send speakers to schools?

The BAWP is happy to send speakers to schools.

Secondary students are welcome to join our secretariat (see below for how to join)

Contact person for school trip and/or speakers:
Anastasia Smietanka, 0438 8490 38

Information for university students/graduates

Do you have an internship/clerkship program?

No. BAWP does not have a formal internship or clerkship process but is always happy to welcome new members to our Secretariat (see below for how to join)

What sort of volunteer/work experience opportunities are available?

Everyone is welcome to join the BAWP Secretariat. The Secretariat is comprised of all volunteers that are not barristers including students, lawyers and anyone with an interest in animal law.

The BAWP Secretariat is open to anyone with legal or non-legal skills. It principally conducts research for Panel submissions on law reform questions, including the drafting and compilation of such submissions, or it may involve organising a mass mail-out. Law students or others may obtain an opportunity to participate in the running of a case. The Secretariat also will organise Panel seminars.

Secretariat members comprise, for example, young lawyers, law students, people with skills in graphic design, IT, marketing, secretarial, academia and science.

BAWP are looking for volunteers for social media and their WordPress account.

How does one apply: To apply to be a Secretariat member, you should email the relevant State Co-ordinator. You can find details of of BAWP's State Co-ordinators on the BAWP website.Castan Centre logo

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