Public Interest Law Careers Guide - St Kilda Legal Service

Field of Law

Community Legal Centre

Stage of Career

Secondary students; Undergraduates; Graduate; Practising lawyer

Contact Details

Address: 161 Chapel Street, St Kilda
Phone: 9534 0777
Visit the St Kilda Legal Service WebsiteContact person: Anthea Teakle

Description of Organisation

The St Kilda Legal Service provides free legal assistance to residents in the cities of Port Philip, Stonnington and Bayside. They provides a generalist legal assistance that runs day and night services. The service also operates two specialist programs: the Drug Outreach Program and the Family Violence Program.

Does your organisation have a human rights officer?

1 community legal education / law reform officer

Information for secondary schools


Do you have work experience placements for secondary school students?

1 - 2 a year

Contact person for work experience placements: Athea Teakle

Do you host school trips or send speakers to schools?

By arrangement

Contact person for school trip and/or speakers: Suzan Genday

Information for university students/graduates

Do you have a graduate clerkship program? (involving practical legal training and admission to practise)

No formalised process but accommodates for university placements. Prioritise post-graduates and PLT students.

What are you looking for in a graduate?

Lives locally and has a genuine interest in community legal centres

What electives/areas of study are viewed favourably?

  • Family law
  • Criminal law
  • Human Rights Law

What prior work/volunteer work is viewed favourably?

Previous work in a law offices with good administration skills and/or other community legal centres or community organisation

How does one apply:

Anthea Teakle, preferably contact by email

Dates for application:

Throughout the year

Do you require your applicants to be recent law graduates? If so, how recent?

Yes, fairly recent

Interview process:

Contacting Anthea Teakle, vet though managing lawyers

What sort of volunteer/internship opportunities are available?

Approximately 20. Preference is given to people who live in area and are at the latter part of their law degree.

Contact person for volunteers:

Anthea Teakle, please note that many people apply throughout the year.

Information for practising lawyers

What are you looking for in a permanent employee?

Someone who is committed to social justice and community legal centre work. It will depend on the position and the key selection criteria. Preferably have prior experience and works well in a small team.

What prior work is viewed favourably?

Paid and/or volunteer work at a community legal centre or experience in private practice. Work at a non-governmental organisation is also viewed favourably.

On average, how many positions become available per year?

Approximately 1 but varies each year

Where do you advertise your positions?

St Kilda Legal Service website, Federation of Community Legal Centres, Ethical Jobs,

Do you use a recruitment agency?


Advice for applicants:

Read the position description and key selection criteria for each position.

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