Public Interest Law Careers Guide - Australian Earth Laws Alliance

Field of Law

Environmental Law

Stage of Career

Secondary students; Undergraduates

Contact Details

Address: 30 Hardgrave Street, West End, Qld 4101
Phone: 0419 497 596
Visit the AELA website
Contact person: Dr Michelle Maloney, National Convenor

Description of Organisation

The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) is a national not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to increase the understanding and practical implementation of Earth centred law, governance and ethics (or ‘Earth jurisprudence’)  in Australia.   Earth jurisprudence is a new legal theory and growing social movement.  It proposes that we rethink our legal, political, economic  and governance systems so that they support, rather than undermine, the integrity and health of the Earth.

AELA’s vision is to help build human societies that live within their ecological limits, respect the rights of nature and nurture the health of the wider Earth community.  The need for new governance systems has never been greater: as we transition away from our destructive reliance of fossil fuels, human societies need to create new ways of working together and nurturing the wider Earth community.

AELA carries out its work by supporting multi-disciplinary teams of professionals engaged in research, education, publications, community capacity building and law reform. Our team includes indigenous community leaders, lawyers, economists, scientists, deep ecologists, artists and community development practitioners. AELA works on a membership-participation model and is powered by committed volunteers, who work together as individuals and organisations across Australia.

Number of legal positions within organisation

AELA is primarily concerned with education, policy and designing new models for Earth centred governance. Due to limits on capacity, AELA has the capacity to supervise 5 legal volunteers at any one time.

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Information for secondary schools

Do you host school trips or send speakers to schools?


Information for university students/graduates

AELA can supervise volunteers who assist with legal and policy research, academic conferences, workshops for community groups and administrative tasks.

AELA can also supervise University students who wish to undertake work placements, internships or research projects with AELA as part of undergraduate or Masters’ degrees

What sort of volunteer/work experience opportunities are available?

Legal and policy research, assisting with and speaking at community workshops and other events and a range of communication, marketing and administrative tasks

What are you looking for in an applicant?

  • A passion for environmental and social justice;
  • A passion for challenging the flaws in our existing legal, economic and political systems and creating new approaches to environmental governance
  • Highly motivated and able to show initiative
  • If connecting with AELA outside of Brisbane, be willing and able to work as part of a ‘virtual’ national team

Contact person for volunteers:

National Convenor, Dr Michelle Maloney
Phone: 0419 497 596

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