Public Interest Law Careers Guide - LGBTIQ / Queer


People often ask, "What does LGBTIQ stand for?" It stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Intersex and Queer, and incorporates a vibrant, growing community of people who express identities outside of mainstream heterosexual identities. For the LGBTIQ community, rights do not just stop at gay marriage but extend to freedom from all forms of sex and gender discrimination in society.

The organisations listed in this section are small, but that is a great thing for motivated lawyers with a lot of commitment and initiative. If you are passionate about LGBTIQ rights and want to write submissions, campaign, lobby government or lend your legal expertise, contact the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, Transgender Victoria and Bisexual Alliance. They would be happy to discuss opportunities for you to become involved.

Organisations offering career opportunities in LGBTIQ law

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