Project Everest Ventures

Field of Law

NGOs and startups

Stage of Career

Undergraduates; Graduates

Contact details

Address: 233 Bulwara Road, Ultimo NSW
Phone: (02) 8188 4514
Visit the Project Everest Ventures website
Contact person: Abbey Dyson

Description of Organisation

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Information for university students/graduates

Do you have a graduate clerkship program? (involving practical legal training and admission to practise)


What are you looking for in a graduate?

Working in sustainable International Development is inherently challenging, and we are looking for passionate, top students to take on that challenge. As you’ll be working in multidisciplinary teams, working on projects that explore large global social issues, you should be prepared to get your hands dirty and experience exponential personal and professional growth. This is not explicitly a change to put your Legal theory into practice, however to bring the lessons, mentality, and soft skills from your degree to overcoming challenges beyond the scope of the courtroom.

Qualifications/skills required

No set pre-requisites, however we do expect a high degree of Emotional Intelligence, interpersonal and communication skills, and how effectively you can work with others.

What electives/areas of study are viewed favourably?


What prior work/volunteer work is viewed favourably?

Whilst there is no set pre-requisites required, we do prefer that applicants have an understanding of social enterprise. Any previous experience will assist an intern to thrive during their program, however, any the necessary skills and knowledge will be covered and taught by our trained leaders and industry professionals.

How many graduates do you take a year?

Previously, we have taken upwards of 350 students on our Global Impact Programs per year. With our new Virtual and Australia based programs starting in July 2020, the capacity will increase.

How does one apply:

To Apply for an Impact Internship:

1) Complete an online application through the 'Get Involved' page on our website.

2) Book in a call with our team to assess your suitability for our programs. If you're successful on this call, you will be invited to progress through to the group interview stage.

3) Attend an interview either online or in person in either our Sydney or Melbourne office.

If you are successful in your application and we think you are the right fit for our teams, you’ll receive a placement offer within 7 days of your interview.

Please note that we only accept applications for projects running within 12 months of the application date, as we cannot guarantee projects and capacity any earlier in advance.

Dates for application:

Global Impact Program
November 23rd – December 19th ‘20
- apply before October 10th ‘20

January 3rd – January 29th ‘21
- apply before November 10th ‘20

February 2nd – February 28th ‘21
- apply before November 10th ‘20

Australia Impact Program
November 23rd – December 4th ‘20
- apply before October 10th ‘20

December 7th – December 18th ‘20
- apply before November 10th '20

January 4th – January 15th ‘21
- apply before November 10th ‘20

Virtual Impact Program

July 6th – July 31st ‘20
- apply before June 15th ‘20

November 2nd – November 27th ‘20
- apply before October 15th ‘20

November 26th – December 22nd ‘20
- apply before November 1st ‘20

Do you require your applicants to be recent law graduates? If so, how recent?


Interview process:

After an initial phone call with a member of our recruitment team, a successful applicant will be offered a place in one of our 90-minute group interviews. The interview is split into two parts, an activity-based assessment and an information session introducing the fundamentals of social enterprise and the details of our programs.

How many law graduates do you employ outside your graduate program, and what sort of roles do they fill?

60% of students who participate in our programs stay on board with PEV after their internship. Roles include  marketing, recruitment and leadership teams.

Our Team Leadership training is set in a simulated foreign country. The 7- day experiential based immersive period is designed to build emotional intelligence, resilience, adaptability and skills in business, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and crisis management. Successful trainees are placed to lead teams on our Global and Virtual programs.

Do you have a minimum Grade Point Average standard for an applicant’s academic record?


If there are any fails on a candidate’s academic record how will they affect the recruitment process?


What sort of volunteer/internship opportunities are available?

We currently offer 3 Impact programs:

Global Impact Program works alongside local communities to create sustainable international development.

Virtual Impact Program tackles a real-life consulting project for a global social enterprise in a 20-day intensive.

Australian Impact Program applies the principles of social impact consulting for cutting-edge tech companies to enable communities within Australia.

Contact person for volunteers:

Abbey Dyson